National Independent Fire Alarm Distributors 


  • To provide a linkage of Distributors who know each other personally and who have common goals.
  • To receive input from specialized sources at Association meetings in the field of: Equipment, Codes, Law, Insurance, Operations, Legislation, Finance, and Regulations.
  • To stimulate and effect meaningful communication through the sharing of information and knowledge regarding business practices and procedures.
  • To Establish service, installation, and certification standards.
  • To support Distributors having special equipment needs.
  • To encourage the development of desirable codes and regulations.
  • To gain and maintain a unity of quality Distributors.
  • To help solve mutual problems.

National Independent Fire Alarm Distributors Association
125 Church Street, Suite 90-382 | Pembroke, Massachusetts 02359
Voice:  781-319-8001 | EMail:
NIFAD is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization

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