National Independent Fire Alarm Distributors 

Days to go before NIFAD's Conference of the Year.
Your Board of Directors is working hard to make this the biggest and best conference yet!

Ask The Experts ...  Use this link to "Ask the Experts"
Your question may be selected at the Monday morning NIFAD discussion Forum.  This area is open to both Distributor and Supplier Members of NIFAD.

Sunday Distributor Q & A ...  Use this link for Distributor Q&A
You're all Experts!   Use any of the major forum categories to ask your question.  We'l review them and ask them at the Distributor Q&A Session on Sunday. 

Last year Distributors wanted more time in this session.  As a result, the NIFAD Board reserved almost the Entire Day  for this Q&A session, so PLEASE - ask as many questions as you want to !!!!
 (Sorry, this is for NIFAD Distributor Members Only)

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Sunday Night DInner

Sunday Lunch

Sunday Breaks

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